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Diesel Locomotives
MZ diesel locomotives MZ Transport Inc. has 12 Locomotive EMD GMC type MZ 661.
The entire fleet of 661 locomotive is 21 pending renewal.
In the car park of MZ Transport there are three under series of 661 and that 100, 200, 400.
Diesel shunt locomotives
MZ shunt diesel locomotives MZ Transport Inc. has 8 Diesel shunt locomotives.
There is diversity in the types of shunt locomotives with MZ 642, 643, 667, 732, 734 и 621 series.
Unification is required and therefore easier and more economical maintenance.
Electric locomotives
MZ electric  locomotives MZ Transport Inc. has 16 Electric locomotives, which of 8 pieces the series 441, 3 thyristorised a the series 442, 3 pieces of the series 461 and 2 pieces of the series 462.
In the next period should achieve their full thyristorisation which would improve the combination performance and reduced consumption.
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