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On the o the route of Corridor Xb, position from Skopje towards the Kremenica (border with Greece) 320.2 km or real 129.3 km. with 8 track.
Station coordinate 41° 1'10.93"N and 21°20'34.09"E
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Битола - Bitola
Битола - Bitola
Битола - Bitola
Битола - Bitola
Битола - Bitola
Битола - Bitola
Битола - Bitola


The plans for linking from Thessaloniki to Bitola by rail began planning in 1890 by Alfred Kaoulla, German banker and broker, with financial support from "Deutsche Bank" who manages to get permission from Turkish authorities for the construction of it and its exploitation of 99 years.
The company was formed on February 5, 1891 in Istanbul under the name "Societe du Chemin de Fer ottoman Salonique-Monastir",wich started building the route in June 1891 with length of 219 km. Chief engineer was Frenchman Phillipe Vitalli and his supervisor Renaudin.
A total of 15 railrway stations has been build on the route, with a special warehouse in the station line (11 per floor and 4 ground floor): Траса на железничка линија Солун - Bitola

Solun-Солун (Thessaloniki)
Tekelievo-Текелиево (Sindos), Krdjalievo-Крџалиево (Adendro) Gida-Гида (Aleksandria) Ber-Бер (Verija-Верија, Karaferye), Negush-Негуш (Nausa, Agostos), Vartokop-Вартокоп (Skidra), Voden-Воден (Edesa), Vladovo-Владово (Agra), Ostrovo-Острово (O Arnissa), Surovicevo-Суровичево (Aminteo) Kisela voda-Кисела вода (Eksisou) Banica-Баница (Vevi) Lerin-Лерин (Florina) Lazeni-Лажени (Mesonisio), Kremenica-Кременица (Kenali), Zabljani-Жабљани*, Kravari-Кравари*. * мали постројки
Bitola-Битола (Manastir-Манастир)


After many delays, the line was opened to traffic on June 15, 1894, after which the first locomotive departed from Thessaloniki to Bitola.
First steam engine from Thessaloniki
Sultan Mehmed V Rashad arrived by train from Thessaloniki to Edessa by the railway station in Bitola in year 1911.
Sultan Mehmed V Reshad
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Railway station Bitola class A in year 1931.
Bitola 1931
1984 railway between Thessaloniki and Bitola was canceled, wich leaves the railway forgotten.
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